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Kids Boxer Shorts


Everyone should be kitted out in a reliable pair of BawBags, regardless of age. After a lot of demand, we’re very happy to be able to offer both our original and Cool De Sacs boxer briefs for kids aged 2 to 8. 

If you have wee ones who have, quite rightfully, been jealous of seeing parents strut their stuff in a funky pair of Bawbags, they can now get a matching pair. We have some of our most popular designs in stock, as well as some official merchandise for the Scotland National Team and Scotland Rugby. We can’t promise though that these won’t quickly become a pair of lucky boxers anytime a game is on.

Have a look at the kids boxers currently in stock and see which pair of BawBags kids boxers will be ideal.

Types of Kids Boxers on Offer

We have two varieties of kids underwear for you to choose from; Bawbags Originals and Bawbags Cool De Sacs. While both are different, they’re guaranteed to be someone’s favourite pair of undies.

The majority of the range is just the same as the adult Originals range, as we want everyone to have the same Bawbags experience of wearing the best boxers going. Every new pair of Originals is made from organic cotton and designed to be as comfortable for kids as possible. We wanted to make sure these boxers are flexible and won’t be budging up while wee ones are running around and keeping busy.

There are also a few Cool De Sacs kids boxes available. Kids will find it incredibly cool if they get a new pair as we’re moving to have these boxers made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. And speaking of cool things, Cool De Sacs has been specially designed to have Technical Wicking Active Technology which helps wick sweat away to keep everything dry. If you have a kid who plays a lot of sports and doesn’t want any chafing afterwards, a pair of Cool De Sacs is the way to go.

BawBags for Everyone

Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers, or think it’d be a bit of a laugh to get everyone at home the same underwear, BawBags have underwear for the whole family.

Dads can get kitted out in our full range of men’s boxer shorts, while our women’s boxer shorts are made for mums with baws!

Keeping wee ones warm!

If you have kids who are taking part in activities outside, especially team sports, and you’re looking to keep them warm and protected, take a look at some of the Bawbags Multi Sleeves we currently have available. They’re flexible enough to fit almost anyone, and you tend to find kids are more likely to wear them without any fuss compared to a mask.

Underwear that does everyone some good

Anytime someone buys any BawBags products, we make a point of donating a portion of proceeds to cancer charities. When was the last time buying some undies made the world a better place?

Get kitted out in Bawbags today!

Bawbags guarantees that your lovely new pair of boxers will be delivered when you need them. If you need to feel the luxury as quickly as possible, you can get special delivery for just a few quid. If you can wait a few days, we offer free Royal Mail delivery on any order. 

If you are going to buy BawBags for the whole family, orders over £70 or more are sent via DHL Express for FREE! You can find out more about deliveries here.

And if you have a question about our products, please get in touch