Fantastically Funny Underwear Ideas for Couples (2022)

Written by Willie MacDonald


Posted on December 21 2022

Underwear, we all need some, and we all use some, but that doesn't mean you need to settle for something mundane. Spruce up your wardrobe with the unique designs offered up by Bawbags! 

Today we'll cover funny underwear ideas for couples so that both you and your significant other can dress down with something funky. Have some chuckles when getting ready in the morning and start your day off with some positivity.

Read on to see our suggestions for couples' underwear ideas.


Underwear for every day of the week

Remember those packs of pants and socks you'd get as kids that had the day of the week on each pair? Inevitably Tuesday got lost after the first wash, and before you know it, you're wearing Wednesday on a Friday and thinking it's a school day when actually it's Sunday because your mum laid out the Monday pair for you to put on. 

Give this childhood memory an upgrade by gifting 7 pairs of underwear. Instead of boring days of the week, curate a funky collection of designs that will make you and your better half smile when you open the pants drawer.



Show Your Support via Pants

For fitbaw or rugby-loving couples, why not show where your allegiances lie with officially branded underwear? If you are lucky enough to support the same team, get your hands on matching boxers, briefs or boy-cut pants to cement your love of the game. 

If your loyalty is divided, this is the perfect time to show them you support their decisions by gifting them undies in the team of their choice. Getting them their rival's team underwear as a way to get them hot and bothered is also an option but of course, not one that you heard from us.


Use Underwear to Save the Planet 

Have you heard about the newest gift-wrapping trend - Furoshiki? Ok, it's not new by any means; it's actually a centuries-old Japanese tradition of wrapping gifts in reusable cloth. It's recently taken off in popularity (outside of Japan) as a sustainable way to make your gift look good (and retain an element of surprise) without the throwaway wrapping paper. 

Why are we telling you this? Well, instead of nipping to the shops to find a square of cloth, why not use undies as your wrapper? A pair of boxers (for men or ladies) is the ideal size to wrap around a small gift. Secure it with a ribbon (or some very firm tucking), and you'll get kudos for being environmentally friendly, as well as saving on the cost of wrapping paper. 


Looking For Other Ideas?

Don't see something you think would suit you and your other half? Take a look at our full collection.

If you and your significant other are covered for underwear, then why not treat each other to some stylish merch from the Teenage Cancer Trust store? Music-inspired t-shirts and sweatshirts make for the ideal gift that does good at the same time.