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Bawbags Multi Sleeves/ Snoods


Staying safe when out and about and adhering to all the different rules in place just got easy peasy when you have your multi-use sleeve from Bawbags around your neck. Bawbags Multi Sleeves can be worn as a face mask, headband, or beanie, making them the ideal solution for everyone who has wanted to kick themselves for forgetting to carry a mask around with them (we’ve all been there). 

Coming in several funky designs, including the exclusive Scotland Rugby range you won’t find anywhere else, there’s never been a better-looking snood to help you stay covered up, whether you’re nipping to the shop or about to head out for a run.

Cover up and get your breathable Bawbags multi-sleeve today, perfectly made for anyone to wear and stay safe.

What makes Bawbags Multi Sleeves special?

Protecting yourself when out and about these days is just as important as protecting your delicate bits. No one else can claim to have had their snoods tested in Hurricane Bawbag, but that is exactly what you will get from any Bawbags multi-sleeve you order. 

We can promise you a high-quality snood that will blow those cheap and flimsy masks out of the water. It is such a handy alternative, especially when training, that you will wonder why you ever settled for a boring old mask in the first place. Get a snood in your favourite design, and you’ll no longer have to put up with the wee strings on your mask pulling apart, or the feeling of your ears constantly getting tugged on.

This range has been created so the multi-sleeves fit all ages and sizes.

How do I wear Bawbags Multi Sleeves?

You pull it down over your face and wear it like a scarf, without having to worry about it falling off. Many people even wear them as headbands and beanies, which are ideal if you’re kicking about outside in the colder months.

You simply pull the sleeve up, and it will sit nicely around your nose to act like a mask when you need it to. The rest of the time, you have a funkily designed sleeve around your neck.

Can I wear a Bawbags Snood while exercising or training?

These snoods have been tried and tested and work a charm. If you’re getting back into group training and don’t want to be fidgeting around with a mask, Bawbags snoods are the real deal.

And for anyone training as part of a group, get an unbeatable deal with our 3-pack of Scottish multi sleeve snoods, where you could get a cracker tartan multi sleeve or look like a right Tiger King with the Lion Rampant multi sleeve.

Are these snood scarves machine washable?

Yes. When you want to keep your multi-sleeve in good condition, you can pop it in the machine on a normal cycle.

Which Bawbags Multi-sleeves are the most popular?

There must be some very patriotic folk out there, as the most popular designs right now would include the Saltire Multi Sleeve Snood and George's Baws Multi Sleeve Snood. And if you are looking to feel patriotic from top to toe, don’t forget you can get a 3-pack of Scottish cotton boxer shorts in your basket too – they’re bawrific!