Self Check Guide

Testicular Cancer is the most common cancer in 15-49 year old men, but it can happen to younger and older guys too - so this guide is relevant to everyone!


The good news is that testicular cancer is one of the most treatable male cancers, with up to 96% of cases being cured if caught early enough. So check yer baws!

First up, you should know how your baws look and feel normally. The best way to do this is to get familiar with them. Check them regularly! We suggest at least once a month!

One of the best times for a self check is after a shower or bath - your sack is more relaxed which makes feeling the baws easier. Use a finger and thumb and give them a check, one baw at a time.

Know what you're feeling...

You should be able to feel the sperm-carrying tube (epididymis) which is at the top of the back of each baw. If one baw is bigger than the other, that's ok. If one hangs lower don't panic, that's normal too.


Things to look out for...


A hard lump on the front or side of your baws. These are usually about pea-sized.

Any swelling or enlargement of either baw.

Hardness - if one baw seems firmer than the other.

Pain or discomfort in your baws, or sack.

You might find something and think it's nothing, but it's always worth getting checked out by a professional. Most lumps and other symptoms are NOT cancer and are more likley to be caused by someting much less serious, but if you notice anything different or unusual during your self-check, stay calm and visit your doctor for a thorough check.


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