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Football Boxer Shorts


What do you do on match day? Is there a tradition you have before making the trek to watch a game? Is it a pre-match shandy to calm the nerves? Is there a certain walk you have to take to stop from jinxing yourself? Or, is there a lucky pair of football underwear you can whip on and wear proudly, even on those midweek nights when it feels like minus 100 in the stands?

If you’ve been missing out on a lucky pair of football underwear, we are very excited to provide fans across the country the chance to get their baws on some super trendy and oh so comfy Scottish football boxers. These are all officially licensed boxers which you can wear when watching your local team play, going to see if we chance our luck at Hampden (fingers crossed), or even when you have a kickabout in the park.

Trust us; you’ve never seen football boxers like this before. Shop the range, find your favourite design, and get yourself sorted with this season’s secret kit to cover your bits. 

Types of Football Boxer Shorts on offer

When was the last time someone asked you what team you supported, and you were able to flash a wee glimpse of your boxers? We have created a range of boxers for any avid football fan, with both designs for the Scotland National team, and some of the most popular teams in the SPFL. 

The Scottish national team boxers come in the traditional colours, as well as these extra special Scottish team tartan boxers. It doesn’t really get any more patriotic than that!

What if I want to wear a pair while playing football?

Bawbags don’t sit idly by on the side-lines. We’re right in there on the action with our  Cool De Sacs boxers. You’ll notice that some pairs are listed as such, and these are very special boxers designed for those who want comfortable boxers while working out; be that when going for a run, hitting the gym, or playing a full game.

If you’ve ever found yourself having to readjust annoying boxers during a game constantly, Cool De Sacs are a game-changer. They sit perfectly and have special technical T.W.A.T. fabric, made to wick away sweat so you can get on with the game. There are no guarantees it’ll put you in a starting 11, but you’ll glide around the pitch in comfort.

Are there boxers for the wee footie fans?

We are adding some new kids Scottish football boxers to the kid’s boxer range, which you can find here. Currently, we mainly have pairs for the national team, but will have league teams in there soon.

What about female footie fans?

There’s no denying the Women's Scotland National Team are as tough as they come, and at Bawbags we’re all about supporting girls with balls! That’s why we have Women's Cool De Sacs Scotland National Team Technical Underwear and Women's Scotland National Team - Tartan Cotton Underwear in stock. 

What makes Bawbags Football Boxers special?

It’s hard to imagine a world where you’re excited to put on a pair of boxers, but after you get your first pair of Bawbags, there’s no looking back. We have worked extremely hard to create a range of comfortable underwear that matches great design with affordability.

It’s also important to know that every purchase made on site is helping those in need, as Bawbags donates portions of every sale to important charities like Teenage Cancer Trust and Medical Detection Dogs.

Also, while you’re reading this, know how to give yourself a self-check and learn how your baws should feel.

Staying safe with a Scottish snood

Just as important as keeping your bits safe when out and about is masking up too. That’s why we have Scottish made snoods/ multi-sleeves in stock, with many designs like you see here. 

Get your Football Bawbags now!

Get kitted out and ready for game day with what will soon be your favourite pair of boxers. If you want an idea of what pair will fit you best, our size guide will help. And if you need help with an order, feel free to get in touch.