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Bawbags Base Layer Sets for Men


Like poorly planning and freezing your baws off waiting for the fireworks on Hogmanay, any man who doesn’t have Bawbags base layers in their wardrobe rotation is making a big mistake. We’ve created a range of base layers that will not only be your favourite thing to wear in the colder months but will also keep you dry and looking fly* (*cannot guarantee flyness) in the process. 

With over a dozen designs to choose from, shop the range of Bawbags men’s base layers and see if there’s a top, bottom or set which takes your fancy.

What makes Bawbags Base Layers special?

Bawbags base layer tops are made using our specially formulated Technical Wicking Active Technology (T.W.A.T.). This awesome fabric draws moisture away from your skin and is quick-drying, so you stay warm. So whether you’re indoor climbing, out for a run, fancy heading up north to ski, hitting it hard on the bike, or doing any physical activity where you’re guaranteed to get a sweat going, Bawbags base layers will keep you feeling comfortable.

How do I wear Bawbags Base Layers?

As with any base layer, Bawbags base layers are tight fighting for better moisture management. Wear them close-fitting, and make sure that our base layer tops are the first thing you put on before setting off on your next adventure!

We have base layers available from XXS to XXL, so check out our size guide to see what your ideal size will be.

Can I wear a Bawbags Snood while exercising or training?

These base layers have been subjected to extreme testing by our team of world-class athletes, who know a thing or two about working out and making a sweat. Many folks find the layer bottoms to work fantastically when out running or taking part in the likes of CrossFit.

The layer tops are also great if you’re keen on training during the week, especially in the colder months, and can’t stand it when you’re working up a sweat in almost freezing condition and your first layer is clinging on to rapidly cooling sweat – it gives us a shiver just thinking about it. 

Thanks to T.W.A.T., it’s never a problem. Wear Bawbags base layers, and you’ll quickly notice how much comfortable you feel while training.

Are these base layers machine washable?

Yes. You can pop your layers in the wash along with your gear and wash as normal without any problems.

What is my Bawbags base layers don’t fit right?

Base layers will vary in size depending on who you buy them off. If you get your pair and they don’t feel quite right when you try them on, no need to worry about a thing. As part of our return policy, we can exchange your layers within 60 days of you receiving the order, just as long as they haven’t been used. You can find more information on our returns page here.

Get kitted out from top to bottom

Don’t forget that Bawbags has your bits covered from head to toe, no matter what you’re up to. If you’re buying base layers to wear while working out or taking part in any sports, get a pair of Cool De Sacs to keep your baws happy. And if you’re taking part in group training which you need to wear a mask for, avoid any annoying mask mishaps by getting yourself a multi-use sleeve which can you wear as a face mask or headband.