Funny Groom Underwear Gift Ideas

Written by Willie MacDonald


Posted on April 04 2023

Funny Groom Underwear Gift Ideas

Are you tired of surprising the groom with typical boring and predictable wedding gifts? Look no further than our collection of funny groom underwear gift ideas at Bawbags! 

These hilarious gifts will not only make the groom laugh but they will be surprised as to how comfy they really are too. Not to mention they can be kept as a keepsake for years to come (if that’s what they fancy). 

From silly tuxedos to outrageous designs, our selection won’t give you anything short to think about and are sure to give you a unique twist to that traditional wedding gift. 

So why settle for something generic? Browse our collections today and find the perfect funny groom underwear gift idea!

Best Men’s Underwear for Gifts

We have plenty of stylish options to choose from for gift ideas. You can opt between our Originals or Cool De Sacs, and each of these provides its own unique finish and range of designs. 

The originals are deluxe boxer shorts made from our own Bawganic (organic) cotton, making for a traditional yet comfy feeling for the wearer. As it’s our flagship product, we have an endless supply of unique, funny and unique designs for you to choose from. 

The Cool De Sacs range uses quick-drying technology known as T.W.A.T (Technical Wicking Active Technology), which helps keep you cool and dry throughout the day in the places that matter! Some other exciting features include:

  • Crafted with our cooling T.W.A.T tech
  • Made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Packaged in plastic-free wrapping
  • Breathable and quick to dry
  • Supporting cancer charities with the proceeds

Now you know what we offer, why not have a look at our collections?

Get Creative With These Funny Groom Underwear Gift Ideas

Need a hand-picking of some of the best underwear Bawbags has to offer? Take a look at some of our best-selling styles for gift ideas for a groom.

Cool De Sacs Tuxedo Technical Boxer Shorts

Looking to dress the groom for the occasion? A pair of tuxedo technical boxer shorts will do the trick. Made from our T.W.A.T technology or 'Technical Wicking Active Technology', these boxer shorts will keep the groom feeling fresh throughout the day.

Dark Tartan Cotton Boxer Shorts

Why not pick up a pair of boxer shorts that match the groom's kilt? For the Scottish groom, these dark tartan boxer shorts from the Originals range are made from fully organic cotton and will bless the groom's private area on his big day. Alternatively, you can explore our other tartan designs and find one that suits the groom better!

Need More Ideas?

We hope you have found the underwear that is best suited for laughs from the groom. If none of these ideas is tickling your fancy, take a look at our full range and find something that does. 

Do you need help with sizing? Check out our sizing and buying guides. Alternatively, get in touch with us, and we will be happy to answer any questions.