Top 4 Funny Underwear Ideas For Girlfriends

Written by Willie MacDonald


Posted on January 12 2023

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your girlfriend? If your lady's not one for lace and leather, she might prefer a novelty underwear option. 

At Bawbags, we have a fantastic selection of underwear with unique designs that are sure to get a laugh from even the pickiest of significant others. 

In this blog, we'll give you some exceptionally good examples of funny underwear ideas for girlfriends. You'll be able to give her a great set of undies and some laughs to brighten her day!

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Women's Originals Underwear 

Let's start with the classics, literally. 

Our women's Originals underwear collection consists of a fantastic range of boy-cut shorts made with high-quality organic cotton. Every pair comprises a lot of our Bawbags premium features, including:

  • Custom Bawbag fit 
  • Bawganic cotton material 
  • Recycled packaging 
  • Boy-cut brief cut 
  • Help support charity 

Not only are our classic women's underwear options comfortable, but they also come in a wide variety of styles and prints. Take a look at some of our funniest options:

Women's Scrabbawl Cotton Underwear

If you're clever with words, you can be clever with your gifts. 

Funny fact – did you know that Bawbags made it into the Oxford English Dictionary this year? To celebrate, we created these exciting scrabble-print undies. 

For girlfriends that love to beat you in a game of scrabble, a pair of these scrabble print women's underwear is guaranteed to give them a few laughs!  

Shop our scrabble underwear for women now.

scrabbawl cotton underwear

Women's WooHa Cotton Underwear

Did somebody say WooHa? 

Everyone has their own definition of it – a victory cry, a lady's private parts, or maybe it reminds you of the famous female-led Scottish brewery! No matter what you think of 'WooHa', you can't deny that it's an amusing word. 

These bright, funky briefs will have your girlfriend shouting 'WooHa' every time she puts them on – sure to create a few laughs and giggles!

Grab a pair of our women's WooHa cotton underwear today.

Women's WooHa cotton underwear

Women's Cool De Sacs Underwear 

If your girlfriend likes to keep active – why not give her a pair of our Cool De Sacs? 

These high-tech women's briefs are made using T.W.A.T (Technical Wicking Active Technology) to keep her sweat-free, comfortable and happy no matter what she's doing. Our Cool De Sacs are tested by athletes, and show-off many of the great features Bawbags are known for, including: 

  • Quick-dry fabric 
  • Boy-cut style 
  • Recycled packaging 
  • Cooling properties 
  • Bamboo Gusset 

We also have a range of Cool De Sac Bralettes, so you can go the extra mile and give your girlfriend a matching set! 

Women's Cool De Sacs Panther Technical Underwear

Cat got your pants? 

This pair of panther technical underwear will surely give your girlfriend some giggles. With a funky leopard print pattern and a black panther in the middle, she'll have a raw-ing good time whenever she sees these in the drawers! 

Shop our funny Panther pants today.

Women's Panther technical underwear

Women's Cool De Sacs Peachy Technical Underwear

Do you want a peach of me? 

These cute and comfortable peach-print pants will make your girlfriend keen for some laughs. With a light blue base and funky peach details, this fruity addition to her wardrobe is a guaranteed pleaser.

Shop our peach underwear for women! 

Women's Peachy Technical underwear
Want More Ideas?


We hope this blog has given you some funny underwear ideas for girlfriends! If none of these designs are what you're looking for, why not look at our full women's collection to find her the perfect pair? We've got plenty of funky, stylish options available.