Gynaecological Cancer Awareness

Written by Willie MacDonald


Posted on September 14 2021

Keep ‘Em Tidy! That’s been our motto since day one, and while yes, we are on about baws, that doesn’t mean that the lassies shouldn’t be checking themselves to make sure that there aren’t any changes or anything out of the ordinary. 

Gynaecological cancers can be treated and cured, especially when spotted early, and with around 10,000 new cases diagnosed in the UK every year it’s so important that you check yourself and make sure that your gal-pals are doing the same.

Here are just some of the basics, a wee jumping off point so that you can get clued up and hopefully get those around you clued up! Every person who learns about this disease can make a difference and save a life.

Check Yerself!

While you can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to prevent gynaecological cancer, you can catch it early on.

How do you do that? Simple! Check, check, and check again! Make it a part of your morning routine. Make sure there’s nothing abnormal down there and move on with your day.

If something pops up, organise a screening ASAP - don’t waste time humming and hawing, get it done and get it done now!

Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month

Gynecological cancer awareness month takes place every year in September. It's the perfect opportunity to lead by example and raise both awareness and money as well as resources for some great causes.

Organise a wee challenge, whether it’s a certain amount of steps between you and your workplace pals or a sponsored climb up a Munroe.

It doesn’t have to be huge, you just have to be loud, let those around you know to the best of your ability - that’s what really makes the difference.

BawBags Causes

Right, so here’s the script, the message isn’t going to be spread without the support of the right causes, so here are some of the fantastic charities that we have shown some love in the past.

Teenage Cancer Trust

Teenage Cancer Trust helps out those between the ages of 13-24  who have been diagnosed with cancers. This specialised charity offers these young people the support and treatment that they need.

As a brand that’s popular within the world of mountain biking, rugby, and snowsports, we know that a lot of young athletes support us, so in turn we support them back. 

Check out our Teenage Cancer Trust boxers, as always with BawBags, they look good, feel great, and support vital charities through proceeds from each pair sold.

Medical Detection Dogs

Dugs that detect cancer? Yes, you read that right - it seems that there is nothing that our furry friends can’t do.

In fact, we have a medical detection dog of our own! We chipped in £5,000 to train up Ulrich who can detect cancer cells through the tiny amounts of volatile substances that they release.

Having raised more than £80,000 for a number of charities, we believe that we have really put a dent into that push against cancer. You can also help spread awareness through your social media or just let all of your pals know about the condition and direct them to the  right resources, which brings us to; 

What You Can Do

First, foremost and for the umpteenth time; CHECK YERSELF! It’s so easy and can make such a huge difference. Not sure how to? check out our self check guide.

On top of that tell your pals to check themselves too. September is Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month (GCAM), but don’t just limit it to September.

Be bold, bring it up, make sure that those you love are doing their part to protect themselves and maybe get them to spread the message too!

Another easy one that can make a big change: make sure you get your HPV vaccine - there are 13 HPV types linked to cancer.

Lastly, donate to the causes that you think make a difference. We do. A cut from all of our fabulous Bawbags For Birds goes to some great causes. Every penny makes a difference.

Keep Em’ Tidy people!!!