How to Fold Boxer Shorts

Written by Willie MacDonald


Posted on June 15 2022

When organising your wardrobe and clothing, it’s just as important to know the best ways to fold your boxer shorts as it is to know how to fold your trousers or shirts.

It may seem trivial to consider when rearranging your drawers, but knowing how to fold boxer shorts the right way has numerous benefits.

In our article today, we will cover everything you need to know about folding boxer shorts.

Why Learn To Fold Boxer Shorts?

That’s the immediate question that springs to mind. Besides the obvious fact that it looks neat and tidy, why should you bother learning to fold boxer shorts correctly?

Well, folding them correctly will allow you to save more space in your drawers. As simple a reason as this is, it will ultimately save you space and allow more room for more clothing storage overall.

Another reason you’ll want to fold them correctly is to look after them. Most boxers will have some elastic to keep them comfortable, and scrunching this up to throw it in the underwear drawer isn’t how you get a long lease of life from them.

Folding Boxer Shorts Step By Step

While you may not perceive much of a difference in men’s and women’s boxer shorts, there are a few key differences. These key differences will impact how you fold them to save as much space as you can and to keep 'em’ tidy – just like they keep you tidy!

For a tight roll, you’ll want to:

  1. Lay the boxer shorts flat, ideally on a bed or counter.
  2. Fold the elastic waist vertically down towards your body to create a horizontal pocket across the top of the boxer shorts.
  3. Now fold the boxer shorts in thirds or quarters, bringing in the left and right-hand sides towards the middle.
  4. Roll the folded boxer shorts vertically upwards away from your body until they are in a small cylindrical shape.
  5. Lift the boxer shorts up and use the horizontal pocket you made in step one. You’ll want to fold this pocket over the top of the boxer shorts to keep them neat, tidy, and secure. Adjust the pocket accordingly until the boxers’ are folded neatly. 

An Alternate Method

If the above method we’ve covered isn’t for you, then that’s fine. There’s more than one way to fold boxer shorts. Another common, less time-consuming way to fold boxer shorts is:

  1. Lay out the boxer shorts on a flat surface.
  2. Fold the boxer shorts perfectly in half horizontally, either by lining up the left side with the right side or vice versa.
  3. Fold your boxer shorts vertically in half twice until you have a square/rectangular shape.
  4. Stack, stack, stack!

It is worth mentioning that this method does take up a bit more space in your drawer, so do keep that in mind!

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Have fun folding!