How To Fold Men's Underwear For Drawers in 4 Steps

Written by Willie MacDonald


Posted on November 01 2022

We know it can be tempting to throw your underwear in a pile or stuff it in a drawer (we all have our moments!) but to get the best, longest life from your men's underwear, it's best to learn how to fold them properly.

Here at Bawbags, we sell an exceptional variety of men's underwear in a huge range of funky styles and exciting patterns. In this helpful blog, we'll teach you our best tricks for how to fold men's underwear for drawers, so you can get the most from your new Bawbags and save some space in your bedroom!

How To Fold Men's Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts are the most popular type of men's underwear; they're comfortable, breathable and can easily be worn beneath trousers or shorts without bunching up. Men worldwide own multiple pairs of boxers, but few people know how to fold them.

To prevent damage such as holes and wrinkles, and to save valuable space in your drawers, it's important to learn how to fold your boxer shorts correctly.

Our Bawbags experts have put together four easy steps to help you do this:

Step 1

Lay your boxers down on a flat surface like a table or chest of drawers. You want to position them so that the elasticated waistband is pointing away from you, and the bottom of the legs are closest to you. Smooth out any wrinkles in the fabric with your hands, or give them a gentle iron at this stage.

Step 2

The next step is to make your first set of folds, right to left. Take the right side of your boxers and fold them to the left so that the seams are aligned.

Step 3

Rotate the boxers 180 degrees, so the elastic is now on your left and the leg holes on your right. Carefully fold the top edge to the bottom to create a long rectangular shape.

Step 4

Fold the boxers from left to right once again. This will create a square shape perfect for stacking your pants however you see fit!

Need Some New Boxers?

Now you know how to take care of your boxers properly, maybe you're thinking about investing in some really great pants to fill your drawers and look after your baws!

Here at Bawbags, we have a fantastic variety of men's underwear available in many styles. You might be interested in something from our super-soft, classic, organically made cotton boxers. Or, you might want to go down the technical route with our fast-drying breathable underwear

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