How to Measure Men's Underwear Size

Written by Willie MacDonald


Posted on August 24 2022

Bawbags are all about comfort, and one of the most important steps to finding comfortable pants is finding pants in the right size.

It's natural for your body to change over time – our weight can fluctuate, and things such as muscle gain can alter your measurements. If you're finding your underwear aren't fitting like they used to, it may be because you need a new size.

In this guide, we'll teach you tips for measuring men's underwear size so you can feel great in your undies!

How To Measure Your Boxer Short Size

When it comes to boxer shorts, you don't want to be stuck with a pair that's too small and rides up all day or a pair that's too big and keeps falling down. Knowing your actual size is important to get the perfect pair of boxers for your body.

To determine your size, you'll need to start by measuring your waist. All you have to do to get a waist measurement is take a tape measure and wrap it around your waist. We recommend using a soft fabric tape measure so it has more flexibility – a normal metal D.I.Y tape measure may give you an inaccurate reading if it forms kinks.

Where the tape measure ends meet the start, you will be able to read the size of your waist in centimetres and inches.

When you have this measurement, you can check out our size guide below to see what size of men's underwear you should be wearing:


22-24 Inches



24-26 Inches



26-29 Inches



30-32 Inches



32-34 Inches



35-37 Inches



38-40 Inches



41-43 Inches



44-46 Inches



If you fall between two sizes or prefer a little extra space in your boxers, we'd recommend rounding up to the larger size. It's always better to have too much space than too little!

All of our men's boxer shorts are made with our custom bawbags fit for ultimate comfort, and they come in a large range of fun patterns and styles so that you can find the perfect pair for your personality.

How To Measure Your Chest Size

When it comes to buying base layers, Bawbags is the place to go. Our base layers are made with our very own Technical Wicking Active Technology (T.W.A.T). This special quick-drying fabric keeps you comfortable and cool no matter what you're doing. It's also quick drying, so you won't feel sweaty and uncomfortable while working out or layering up.

To determine which size base layer will best fit you, take your chest measurement by wrapping a soft tape measure around the broadest part of your chest. Where the end of the tape meets the start, take the measurement.


27-29 Inches



30-32 Inches



33-35 Inches



36-38 Inches



39-41 Inches



42-44 Inches


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Did you know that every time you buy a pair of our Bawbags underwear, you’re helping us support charities nationwide?

Thanks to your support, we’ve raised over £80,000 in funds for charities, including our current partners Teenage Cancer Trust.

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