How to Wash Men's Underwear Like a Pro

Written by Willie MacDonald


Posted on October 04 2022

Sometimes the things that seem the simplest are the things that go wrong the easiest. Washing your pants can be a lot like this – you think you've got it down, but you return to your washing machine to find everything turned pink, or perhaps there are some unfortunately placed holes in your boxers.

If you're finding your underwear is a little worse for wear after washing, don't worry – Bawbags are here to help you!

This blog will discuss how to wash men's underwear to get the longest life from your pants, keeping them feeling soft, comfy and ready to wear.

Get To Know Your Washing Machine

This way may seem silly, but in order to wash your men's underwear the right way, you need to know what the functions on your washing machine mean and which ones to use.

With so many exciting types of underwear like Cool De Sacs and Bawganic boxers on offer, you want to ensure you get the longest life from your pants and that their special fibres keep working the best they can for the longest amount of time.

Many washing machines will come with slightly different settings; for example, some more modern washers may have dedicated 'delicate' settings, while older models may have temperature options. When it comes to washing men's underwear, there are a few settings to consider to get the best wash for your underwear:

Cycle Length – underwear is delicate, so using short cycles ensures that your underwear hasn't been thrashed about for too long in the drum. Some washers will have a setting called 'delicate', but for others, you will need to choose a short cycle from the time options manually.

Water Temperature – it may seem like using boiling hot water is the best way to sterilise your pants after wearing them, but boiling water can actually be very damaging to the fabric and can cause your pants to become stiff and brittle over time. You want to use a cool/warm setting to ensure that the overall wash experience is gentle and kind to the fabric.

One of the best ways to test if you've found the right setting is to do a test load. Simply put a couple of pairs of older underwear in for a spin and see what the results are. If you've got the right settings, they should not lack elasticity after washing.

Washing Men's Underwear With Detergent

If you've got some Very Important Baws you need to look after, you want to ensure you're using the right detergent.

When it comes to detergent, the best types for underwear are those made for sensitive skin. Since underwear covers some of the most sensitive parts of your body, you want to ensure there are no irritants in the detergent that will leave you feeling itchy and uncomfortable (nobody wants to feel like they have ants in their pants!).

Avoid detergent with lots of added scent, and instead, look for a natural or delicate formula. You can also look for a detergent with added softener, as this will help keep your underwear feeling soft and fresh for longer.

Hang Dry, Don't Tumble

We all love the thrill of opening the tumble dryer and finding nice warm clothes awaiting us. However, underwear isn't suitable for tumble drying as the cycles are often too hot and too harsh for the delicate fabric to handle.

Instead, we recommend changing your pants to dry on a drying rack or washing line. This will help them to stay soft and intact and will also help them to keep their shape as they'll be drying the right way.

Washing Men's Underwear Like A Pro

Now you know how to wash men's underwear like one of the pros, you can invest in some high-quality men's underwear that'll last you much longer than your standard pair of pants.

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