It’s Movembaw - Check ‘Em!

Written by Willie MacDonald


Posted on November 04 2021

Every November, you’re going to be seeing some really, really bad moustaches. You might even have one yourself! But that’s okay because it’s all for a great cause; spreading awareness for health issues, cancer and a whole range of cancer charities.

Now, that makes November a popular time for the team here at Bawbags because from day one we have been on a mission to keep ‘em tidy - yes, we’re talking about yer baws! Spreading awareness for testicular cancer is a huge part of Bawbags and we do everything that we can to help you lot minimise the risks.

We also want to help you catch it early if anything does pop up down there. 62% of those who are most at risk don't know how to check themselves. We’re here to make sure that you are - and we want you to be bold enough to tell your pals too!

Keeping ‘Em Tidy On The Daily

Keeping ‘em tidy should be a part of your daily routine - every morning you should be checking yer baws. It's not hard and can be easily implemented into your everyday life.

The earlier you catch something the easier it is to treat, so daily checking is an absolute must for healthy and happy baws!

Not too sure how to do it? You can check our self-check guide which lays out how quick, easy, and important your daily checks are! Make sure it’s not just you who knows this though, a Movember-stache is great, but spreading your baw-check knowledge might save lives.

Some Great Causes

Over our many years of support for cancer-related causes and charities, we have shown love to some great organisations that we believe make a difference. Here are just a few of them:

Teenage Cancer Trust

One for the young’uns’! Cancer is a frightening experience, especially for young folk who are still getting to grips with all the other scary stuff life has to offer. Teenage Cancer Trust offers these young people guidance, support, and resources to make the process that bit easier.

Medical Detection Dogs

Man’s best friend coming through again! Dogs can sniff out volatile substances released by cancer cells. We chipped in £5,000 to help train up Ulrich, the cancer-sniffing, life-saving good boy!


Orchid is a men’s cancer charity, which will help guide and support men through cancers such as testicular cancer. They make sure men are educated to catch nasty cancers before they can spread and while they are still easily treatable.

So far we have raised more than £80,000 for great causes and encourage you to seek out causes that you want to get behind yourself. Even small donations and events that spread awareness locally can make a difference!

What You Can Do This November

For starters, it’s Movember/No-Shave-November, so you can grow that fancy moustache or those funky mutton chops that you’ve been told is “socially unacceptable”.

Lassies, you can get in on the fun too - there have been a lot of ladies growing some fluff in their armpits to spread awareness.

For those who aren’t keen on the whole hair growth thing, there are alternatives like organising events and spreading the word.

Be the bold one in your group who brings up self-checking; share our guide with pals. A couple more people who know how to check and what to look for could be a couple more lives saved!