Athlete Highlight: James ‘Woodsy’ Woods

Written by Willie MacDonald


Posted on May 23 2022

This week we'd like to profile a long-time supporter, the legendary freestyle skier James Woods known as ‘Woodsy’. After winning an array of medals in his high octane sport, James Woods continues to support Bawbags and the causes for which we so proudly stand.

Woodsy has been so busy over the past ten years, representing his country in a highly physical and fast sport. Woodsy, who learned to ski at the Sheffield Ski Village close to where he grew up, soon emerged as a slopestyle sensation.

woodsy skiing


He took five British titles in succession, winning his first at just 15 years old.

After just missing out on a podium finish in PyeongChang, he won World Championship gold in Utah in 2019, becoming the only Briton ever to have won gold on snow for his sport.

After this dramatic win, Woodsy decided to take a break and focus on other aspects of his busy life.

But when it comes to taking breaks, not with him and charity. Bawbags were delighted to announce Woodsy’s support, and it was both fun and super helpful when he posed in our boxers to raise awareness of our charitable causes.

"I've always wanted a pair of boxers that looks like I'm wearing a leopard print thong", said Woodsy, and, boy, did we deliver!

Those boxers are available to buy, but that’s not all! That’s right, Woodsy gets not one, but TWO sets of signature boxers! The fancy thong has been followed up by a funky sequel, the Woodsy 2.0s.

The 2.0s are a part of our Cool De Sacs range and are made using our Thermal Wicking Active Technology

Moving onto what Woodsy is up to, we caught up with him and had that very chat.

It's been a busy ten years. What are your best memories?

“A very busy ten years yes, but incredible and I wouldn't have changed a thing! Best memories are so difficult to identify because there have been so many amazing times, however I'd say that everything always comes down to the people you get to spend them with. So I'd say that best memories are 100% the friends that I've made.”

You started skiing really young. Why do you think you were so passionate about it?

“Similar to what I mentioned before, it really was the people that inspired me the most and cultivated my passion for freeskiing. Even back on the dry slope in Sheffield, it was the energy and passion of the people there that just hit me, it was like electricity!

Every one of us wanted to get out there and explore new places, push ourselves through skiing/snowboarding and it was a real-life example of people dreaming big and chasing it, and that wave well and truly caught me.

After that, of course, the first ski movie I watched, Happy Dayz, really tipped me over the edge and then I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my time!”

How did you handle all that pressure at such a young age?

“Pressure is such an interesting thing, and I came to understanding very quickly when I was young that for me there is no pressure other than that which I put on myself. The only reason that I get these nerves is because I really care about this stuff.

It's important to me and it really doesn't matter what other people think - if I didn't care about it there would be no pressure at all. So by framing it that way in my mind, I find it easier to handle, I choose when the pressure is high, it's up to me and that gives me some control over it.”

What’s the last thought that goes through your head just as you go airborne?

“I truly just try to focus and be calm. As with anything the more you do it the more accustomed you get to it, so very quickly you are fighting getting distracted. It's not a problem to get distracted and have random thoughts pop into your head right before you're about to hit a big jump but that's when I have to be confident in myself and believe that I know what I'm doing on even a super subconscious level.”

What do you think of the Bawbags underwear?

“Bawbags underwear is an amazing company I have only the most praise for everyone involved and for what the brand has evolved into. Who can't respect people that are having fun, joking, putting themselves out there (sometimes a little bit too far!) and ultimately not taking themselves too seriously all for good, solid charitable causes. It's everything I want and aspire to be, that's everyone from the brand, the workers and customers - I am very proud to be a part of Bawbags!”

Why are Bawbags' associated charities important to you?

“Charities exist to help people less fortunate than yourself. If being a charitable person (even in the smallest sense) isn't a part of my life, I'll be letting myself down.”

Any tips for young people who want to get involved in snowsports?

“The only thing that is important is to follow your passion. Outline what is it you truly, truly want and go for it full noise. Make sensible decisions but know that you have to want it so much you don't want it anymore, you simply need it. Then everything is simple as you have one mission.”

james woods jump


If you want to follow Woodsy on his adventures, don’t hesitate to head to his Twitter or Instagram account!