Keep Em’ Tidy With Bawbags This Winter

Written by Willie MacDonald


Posted on November 01 2021

Uh oh! Another batch of super-comfy and super stylish Bawbags boxers has landed - just in time for the winter season no less!

Whether you're planning on getting up those slopes for some skiing or snowboarding, or whether you’re chilling at home with the heating cranked right up, do it right - do it with yer Bawbags.

No matter the lifestyle, we’ll make it that little bit comfier with our braw boxers that keep you warm in the cold and cool on the last mile of your early morning run.

Just take a peek at the new range, offering a bit of something for everyone with unmatched style - if we do say so ourselves.

3 Of Your 5-A-Day

Feelin’ fruity? Good! We’ve got you covered with our Fruit Bowl 3-Pack made from our ever-popular T.W.A.T Cool De Sacs material.

If you're fond of fruit - and the trees that they come from - we’re sure you'll be thrilled to hear that all of our new CDS boxers are made from recycled materials. Yes, believe it or not, all of our technical boxers are made from recycled bottles.

Retro Stripe

The 80’s never died! Bring back that sleek retro look with the Cool De Sacs Retro Stripe undies that look like they’re straight back from the future!

Again, made from the super comfy recycled Cool De Sacs material, you may still be on a skateboard and not a hoverboard, but at least you can dress the part right down to the bottom layer!


Giraffe print is great as-is, but as-is isn’t what we do here at Bawbags - we’ve gone and spiced it up with some funky colour.

Get yourself some of the blue and purple numbers to show off your long giraffe legs!

Snow Leopard

Winter is fast approaching so you’re going to want to keep it as warm as it is tidy down there, which is exactly what you’re getting with the Snow Leopard cotton boxers.

They’ll keep you warm with the high-quality - and Bawganic - cotton that we use which will make you feel like you’re by the fireplace - whether you actually are, or whether you’re halfway up a Munro!

Runway (This One’s For Birds!)

Ladies, do you want to feel like you’re on the runway wherever you go? Well, check out our Runway cotton pants!

As comfy as they are bold, even if no one sees, you know that you’re a lass with baws when you’ve got these briefs on!

Techno Tartan

Tartan? Techno? Oh yes! Our new Techno Tartan range has a bit of something for everyone, from the base layers that’ll keep the mountain bikers as noticeable as they are dry, to bralette and shorts for lassies who want to make those PB lifts extra stylish.

We also have some Glasgow Warrior Team Tartan boxers which have seen some very thorough testing from some very capable ruggers on some very, very muddy pitches!


Far out bro - want some hippie-dippy style when you’re hamstrung by a boring bland uniform? Peep at our Trippy range!

Squeeze in some colourful tie-dye style wherever you go with these organic cotton boxers that will support you all day and night.


You know those days where you’re on the ball all day long?

Whether it’s smashing spreadsheets at work or bagging new tricks at the skatepark, you can now celebrate feeling like a beast with our Panther Print boxers.

The Cool De Sacs design and smart cut will make sure that there’s no dampness or wedgies hindering your winning day!

Rainbaw 2.0

The Rainbaw boxers were good, but we’ve gone and done even better with the Cool De Sacs Rainbaw 2.0 boxers.

Now made from our super durable, breathable, and comfy material, you’ll be able to prolong that hunt for the pot of gold at the end of the Rainbaw.

Golden Baws

For you winners out there, gold medals are nice and all, but gold boxers - now that’s what you deserve for all of your hard work.

Our Golden Baws range offers that comfort that you need to keep on top of the competition!


Our Fern boxers offer that nice wee natural touch with a rustic green design that keeps' em’ tidy, funky and fern-ey!

Made from organic cotton, you can proudly wear your Fern Bawbags without hurting any actual ferns in the process. 

Which Ones Are You Going For?

So much choice, so much fashion, there’s really no better option for your base layer necessities than Bawbags.

We have a team of skiers, footballers, mountain bikers and so much more making sure our products are fit for any purpose - so with that being said, which ones take your fancy?