Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

Written by Willie MacDonald


Posted on April 05 2022

Testicular cancer, it’s utterly baws. It’s a horrible disease that affects roughly 2,300 men every year.

The thing is, it’s also really avoidable. It’s curable if caught early enough, all you need to do is check yer baws and tell all of your friends to do the same.

Awareness really makes all the difference and with April being Testicular Cancer Awareness month we thought we’d help you spread the word.

Spreading Awareness Makes A Difference

Seriously, all you have to do is shout. It costs nothing and really makes a difference. Spreading awareness encourages people to check themselves, and people checking themself has a significant effect on testicular cancer.

Those who catch testicular cancer early on give you a much better chance of survival, so it's important to push regular checking.

In fact, a quick baw-check should be a part of every bloke’s morning routine. If you know what feels normal, you’ll know when something doesn’t feel normal.

That will allow you to catch things before testicular cancer can properly develop and have any sort of severe effect.

There are loads of resources online that can be used to help men check themselves, ask questions, and receive useful guidance regarding testicular cancer.

What We Have Done

We have done a fair amount to help combat testicular cancer over the years, including donating to numerous causes like the Teenage Cancer Trust and Orchid.

From day one, Bawbags have had a mission to keep the nation’s baws tidy and cancer-free.

From our self-check guides that we provide with every pair of boxers to our custom lines that provide proceeds to charity, we think we’ve really helped reduce the effects of testicular cancer.

Oh, and by the way, we have now raised more than £80,000 for various cancer charities with a  focus on causes that help combat testicular cancer.

What You Can Do

There are 2 main ways in which you can make a change yourself, and more often than not it involves putting yourself out there and making an effort.

Raise Funds

Whether you’re doing it with your friends at work, or whether you are organising a much bigger event like a sponsored walk or a local car boot sale, there are many great ways to raise funds for causes that help combat testicular cancer.

You don’t have to be bold, even a little bit of money raised within your family can really help the causes that make all of the difference.

Tell Folk

From running an event centred around self-checking to being the bold yin who brings the importance of checking yer baws to your pals, getting the message out makes a difference.

If you tell a pal who then checks himself every day and notices something odd, you might have made a really significant difference. Likewise, if you spread that awareness and the message of self-checking to hundreds, you are reducing the effects of testicular cancer on a notable scale.

Keep Up To Date

We are passionate about reducing the effects of testicular cancer and can’t do it without the help of all the good people who are spreading the message on every scale.

Keep up to date with the Bawbags Blog for product highlights and useful resources which will help Britain's baws stay nice n’ tidy!