The Best Men's Underwear For Sensitive Skin

Written by Willie MacDonald


Posted on July 04 2022

Having sensitive skin can (literally) be a real pain in the backside; it can make it tricky to find underwear which doesn't leave you feeling itchy and rash-ridden. The other issue is that many skin-safe undies you may find are horribly boring, plain and uninteresting.

Here at Bawbags, we've developed a range of high-quality, skin-safe underwear that will have you looking as good as you feel. Get ready to feel new levels of comfort in our specially designed pants.

Bawganic Cotton

Cotton is great for sensitive skin. It's a lightweight, breathable fabric spun from natural plant fibres. It's strong enough to keep 'em secure but light enough that you don't feel trapped or sweaty in these pants.

Here at Bawbags, we're proud to offer a range of organic cotton underwear. Our 'Bawganic' boxers are made from the highest quality, ethically sourced cotton. We've always been committed to sustainability, and we think this is a great step in the right direction.

Take a look at some of our popular Bawganic boxers:

Word Tweed Cotton Boxer Shorts – A fabulously breathable pair of boxers made from the best organic cotton we could find. These navy blue boxers feature a fun Bawbags word print that'll keep you looking good (even if nobody sees them but you!).

Ferns Cotton Boxer Shorts – Take a walk on the wild side with these plant-print boxers. They're organic cotton, comfy and feature out classic fit for ultimate baw comfort.

Cool De Sacs

Did you know Bawbags has its special material? Our 'Cool De Sacs' range includes durable, long-lasting underwear that is comfortable and keeps 'em cool as you go about your day.

Bawbags Cool De Sacs are premium boxer shorts that use our very own Technical Wicking Active Technology (T.W.A.T.). This special quick-drying fabric with a bamboo baw pouch keeps 'em tidy, great if your skin is a bit sensitive!

Whether you live a hyperactive lifestyle climbing mountains or BMXing your way through the day, or if you're a 9-5 worker looking for something comfy and clever, we're sure we'll have the underwear for you to feel great all day long. Take a look at some of our favourites:

Cool De Sacs Techno Tartan Technical Boxer Shorts – A classic Scottish print with a wee neon twist. These boxer shorts are fun, funky and always extremely comfy. They feature both our classic Bawbags fit, and our Cool De Sacs technology.

Cool De Sacs Retro Stripe Technical Boxer Shorts – Take a step back to the good old days in our Cool De Sacs retro boxer shorts. They feature our T.W.A.T tech and our custom fit. They also benefit from an exciting retro print; who said that feeling good had to look boring?

Find The Perfect Men's Underwear For Sensitive Skin

Ready to get shopping? Imagine how good you'll look (and feel) in our pants!

If you want a little extra info on finding the right size for you, you can check out our handy sizing guide. Or, if it's a more specific question, you could contact us directly–our fantastic team is always happy to help!