The Best Underwear for Hiking

Written by Grant Ruxton


Posted on March 07 2022

Mountain Biking, Snowboarding, Rugby, we think of all these high-octane sports when we hear the term ‘performance boxers’ or ‘breathable underlayers’. We’re the market leader in resilient, super comfortable boxers that don’t skimp on style.

You don’t want a wedgie halfway through a scrum pulling your attention away from the task at hand - but at worst it’s a hindrance that can get pushed aside due to all that adrenaline taking the wheel.

That’s why we’ve developed boxers on which you can rely. Now that’s a bold claim, but think about a proper clobber coming in clutch during a hike.

A proper hike, be it a Munro or a mountain takes hours upon hours. If you’re suffering the dreaded ride-up an hour in, it’ll be intolerable by the time you summit. But wearing our boxers you won’t have anything to worry about in the rarefied atmosphere of the summit.

Or, say, you’ve gone up the hills on a splendid day in a pair of cotton boxers that get soaked with sweat as soon as the ground isn't level. Been there; no thankya!

Due to its long duration you need hiking underwear that you can rely on to stay comfortable - here’s what  I tend to use.

Boxers For Hiking

My Pick: Cool De Sacs Black Technical Boxer Shorts

So yeah, this one is pretty obvious, but it’s also absolutely essential. Now, I love hiking and hillwalking, but I will admit, I’m a bit of a fairweather hillwalker.

When I venture up Bens and Glens the sun is usually splitting the sky, so things can get a tad sweaty, which leaves cotton off the table.

Thankfully Cool De Sacs boxers provide plenty of breathability with their quick-dry Thermal Wicking Active Technology that keeps you cool and keeps you focused on the pea-… oh wait it was a false peak, maybe the next one’s the top!

Technical Base Layer Tops

My Pick: Techno Tartan Base Layer Top

Another piece of kit that makes gruelling hikes more tolerable. T-shirts feel like wet towels after the first 100 feet and realistically, as someone with a very pale complexion, I need both breathability and coverage.

I like my long-sleeve base layers for hiking and have a pretty extensive collection, but when I’m ticking off a Munro, it has to be a Bawbags one. That’s because eventually that jumper is coming off, and when it does, I want a funky wee pattern on show for the summit photo!

A Comfy Snood

My Pick: Saltire Multi Sleeve Snood

The snood comes on every walk, sometimes it’s a headband when my mop is getting a bit unruly, other times it’s a neck warmer for the chilly descent, and a lot of the time it’s just something to fidget with, allowing me to occupy my simple mind.

Of all the hiking gear, I would consider this an absolute must-have for hill walkers, Munro-baggers, and mountaineers alike.

A Final Word For Budding Hikers

 There’s a fallacy about how you don’t need proper hiking kit at first, with buzz phrases like ‘all the gear and no Idea’, and yes, you don’t need those £200 boots, but you do need a reasonable standard of comfort.

 Start from the base layer up, because if your undies aren’t comfy, then nothing else will be. Happy hiking peeps!