Check ‘Em And Check ‘Em Good: Urological Cancer Awareness

Written by Willie MacDonald


Posted on September 21 2021

Urological Cancer is a group of cancers that affects mostly men. It’s a nasty bunch of conditions but thankfully it can be fought.

In fact, it can be treated and cured quite consistently if caught early enough - so what needs to be done?

You’ve gotta keep 'em tidy! And that means checking yerself on a regular basis, very regularly in fact.

It should be a part of your everyday life, self checking is quick, easy and might save your life.

You should spread awareness too, don't be shy, be bold, shout it from the rooftops and protect your pals “check yer baws!”

Urological Cancer Awareness Month

September is Urology Awareness Month, so make sure that you have something prepared, be an online influencer for the month and share the message of self-checking!

Maybe you can raise some money for a chosen cause too! From sponsored cycles to fundraising competitions among friends, there are tonnes of ways that you can spread the love and stop the spread of urological cancers.

The key takeaway so far, that catching cancer early improves the rate of survival. With this in mind, it is super important that you and your pals know what to look for.

Need Some Inspiration? Here Are The Causes We Have Supported

We are far from all talk, we support great causes that we really feel make a difference. Having raised well over £80,000 for cancer charities, we are doing our best to be that change that we want to see. 

Here are some of our supported causes:

Teenage Cancer Trust

The young’uns who end up with urological cancer may need some support when it comes to education and some guidance through strange times, and that’s exactly what Teenage Cancer Trust offers.

Young men who get affected by this disease might be the football player you saw scoring the winning goal, or the skateboarder who just chucked himself down a 20 set of stairs. It’s not always that obvious, so Teenage Cancer Trust is here to support those who you may not have expected to have been affected by the disease.


Orchid is a charity set up for men’s cancers, one that you should really be looking out for during Urology Awareness Month, it helps men through support, education and the spreading of awareness.

Medical Detection Dogs

Man’s best friend comes through again, this time with the ability to detect cancer cells through their super snouts.

We believe in the cause so much that we donated £5,000 to train up Ulrich who is our big furry life-saving pal.

What Should I Be Doing?

If you check yourself out or notice the development of any of these symptoms, you must go see your GP straight away. When it comes to any type of cancer, waiting and hoping that the symptoms will go away will only make things worse.

Surviving any type of cancer lies in catching it early, and so checking regularly is how you can catch it early.

While you’re at it, make sure that your friends are doing the same, and their friends and so on.

The more who know, the better. Now boys can be a bit uncomfortable talking about this stuff, so be the bold yin and bring it up, be that change that you want to see.

Remember folks, checking yourself is quick and easy, check out our guide here.