What Is The Best Underwear For Cold Weather?

Written by Willie MacDonald


Posted on December 06 2021

It’s getting cauld! The winter months are always bitter here in the UK and that means you’re going to need some winter-ready gear. That applies all the way down to the base layer, so that begs the question; what is the best underwear for cold weather?

There are a few contenders, all offering unique benefits and all suited to different situations, so we thought we’d walk you through some underwear that’ll keep you warm and cosy while it’s cold and nasty out there.


 You can’t go wrong with cotton! It is great for everyday use, as high-quality and thick cotton (like ours!) will keep things cosy down there all day long, even if you're a very dedicated Scotsman and cutting about in a kilt during the mid-December frost.

If you work outdoors and are looking for warmth that you can rely on day in and day out, you’re going to love our cotton boxers, and instead of just a single pair, why not get a 3-pack and get more cosiness for less money!


Our boxers that are made from recycled plastic, with a touch of bamboo, are perfect for those who are brave enough to partake in sports during the winter months, as they will keep you cosy, but will stay breathable when you heat up!

Putting on a pair of Cool De Sacs on a cold winter's morning is a bit like getting into a pool, it's a wee bit chilly, but once they’re on and you’re moving they will feel just right. And that initial chilliness? You can avoid it by popping your boxers on the radiator during the morning while your coffee is brewing.


Now we’re getting fancy! Modal is a great way to keep cosy on those Christmas nights out. Our Very Important Baws are made from Comforti-Baw fabric and offer more than enough warmth, with the added benefit of some luxury with a super stylish cut that feels great.

If you want to get through Christmas while feeling not just warm but also like a million bucks, these are the boxers for you!

Base Layers

Here are the game-changers, underwear doesn’t just have to be limited to your boxers, get kitted out with base layers that are designed specifically for cold weather.

Out all day in a uniform that isn’t fit for winter? With base layer top and bottoms, you have a comfy and cosy added layer that’ll keep you warm, whether it’s a chilly morning commute, or whether you are on the icy cold slopes for some skiing.

Why Go With Bawbags?

Well, we’re from Scotland, so we know a thing or two about keeping warm despite the bitter, bitter cold.

We also have a very skilled and passionate team of snowsports athletes, like X-Games gold medallist and world champion freeskier, James “Woodsy” Wood, who has his own signature boxers with us! To keep the winter theme going, Team Muirhead, headed by 2014 Winter Olympics bronze medallist Eve Muirhead are also part of the Bawbags roster!

As well as that, supporting us helps us support some great charities in the fight against testicular cancer. We’re on a mission to keep ‘em tidy and for every pair you buy, you’re helping us with that cause!