What’s The Best Underwear For Running?

Written by Willie MacDonald


Posted on January 19 2022

Recently I have been getting into running, I’m by no way good at it, nor do I particularly enjoy it for the first 25 minutes, but that’s beside the point.

As a newbie, I have been trying out different gear each time I run, and as someone who has a whole bunch of Bawbags kit, I figured it would be a good opportunity to suss out how different underwear fares during a run.

The Run
largs run

Since November 21st I have been running up the Greeto Falls climb in Ayrshire, quite a nasty run, sitting at 3.7 miles there and back, and a whole 660 feet of climbing. With gradients reaching 15% it’s a great way to get sweaty quickly. If you’re not kitted out properly you’re going to know and you’re going to know fast!

Run 1

What I Wore: Cotton Saltire Boxers from the Scottish 3-Pack 

So run 1 was… horrid. But that’s not down to the boxers, in fact as it was teetering towards the end of November, they were nice and cosy. I whacked them onto the radiator beforehand and to be honest they were probably what was needed to get me out of the door.

While it did get a tad sweaty, I can’t fault these boxers. There was no riding up or cutting in, the waistband was snug but not at all restrictive. They definitely made that first run a little less painful.

Run 2

What I Wore: Cool De Sacs Dazzle Boxers

Wow. I mean, the cotton boxers were good, but the Cool De Sacs were amazing. I got just the right amount of support and stretch out of them and their cut stayed strong with no untimely wedgies despite not feeling too tight.

Through all the daft sports that I have done, from BMX to Thai Boxing, I’ve always been one to overheat quickly. These breathable and quick-drying boxers, in combination with an equally breathable top (we’ll get to that in a bit), kept me cool enough to keep running all the way to the Greeto Falls, picking up a PB in the process.

Run 3

What I Wore: Very Important Baws Black Boxers

By this point, I was feeling pretty good about myself and was getting into the swing of things, so I treated myself. I ventured up that hill in a pair of Very Important Baws modal boxers.

This was my recovery run so my plan was to take it easy, but I ended up taking it very easy as there was no run to be had. The steep slopes were caked in ice.

I got a few intermittent jogs in, but for the most part, it was a brisk walk. Thankfully, I was very cosy with my comfortable modal boxers, which again through an impressive design stayed put and remained supportive.

Oh, And By The Way

Throughout my runs, I kept extra warm with Bawbags base-layer gear. On runs 1 & 2 I wore the Aztech base layer top and on my third run as the priority was warmth I had some Mondri base layer bottoms underneath my shorts.

They remained absorbent and breathable, even on the steep sections. They protected me from that horrible chill that you get when some cold wind catches you while you’re sweating.

Give It A Bash!

If you’re thinking of taking up a new sport or embarking on a fitness journey, pick up a diverse range of kit and figure out what you like, not only will it keep those first few weeks engaging, It’ll inform your decisions as to what you like/don’t like down the road and could save you loads!

For me, I’ll be keeping a close eye on the base layer and Cool De Sacs gear for my future running misadventures!

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