What’s The Best Underwear For Working Out?

Written by Willie MacDonald


Posted on November 16 2021

The last thing that you want when you’re working out is distractions. Whether that’s an untimely wedgie mid-deadlift or an unfortunate damp patch of sweat when you’re only halfway into your workout.

While everyone wants bouncy shoes, shiny shorts, and tops that show off all those muscles, underwear is the article of clothing that can make or break a workout.

Preferably, you wouldn’t actually notice your underwear during your workout, allowing you to focus on those PBs and max lifts without distraction. If you can feel them, then you might want to think about getting a new pair.

So what do you need out of underwear for exercise? Don’t worry, we have you covered with a handy checklist:


First and foremost, support is essential! You want everything to be supported down there.

You need boxers with a snug fit for exercise, unfortunate slip-ups need not upset your workout (and everyone else’s if the gym is busy). When lifting heavy weights, you deserve your own support, whether through well-fitted boxers or bralettes!


While you may think flexibility is only key for kickboxers and their high-kicks, it’s actually essential for any and all exercises. You’ll be surprised how much strain a weighted squat can put on your underwear, and a mid-squat rip; well no one wants that!

You also need to consider the fact that your muscles expand during exercise and you need the stretch in your underwear so that you don’t find your legs suffocated. If you’ve ever been on a bike ride in jeans that suddenly don’t fit your thighs anymore, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Breathability & Absorbance

During workouts, whether you’re boxing, climbing, or lifting, you’re going to sweat and you’re going to get hot. You’re going to want underwear that can handle that with the right amount of breathability to keep things cool down there.

Downstairs dampness and overheating can put anyone’s exercise to a screeching halt, so avoid sauna baws with underwear that is specifically made to keep you cool, calm, composed, and ready to smash your workout.

A Cut for Active Folk

Wedgies spoil the fun, generally speaking, but mid-workout is the worst time for them to happen.

Let’s say you’re on a mountain bike and the saddle has caused an unfortunate wedgie while climbing, now all you can think about is “this feels horrible” when you should be focusing on descending - i.e. not falling.

Once again, you can hone in your focus with underwear that actively avoids this with a cut that stays in place without squeezing too tightly, which leads us on to;

The Perfect Fit

Sometimes it’s not just the quality of the underwear, it’s the fit. Flexibility and a good cut can only do so much when you’re squeezing yourself into some mediums after your winter bulk!

So make sure when you’re getting your sporty underwear, you check out the size guide (click here to see ours!) so that you can give yourself every advantage and smash those personal bests!

What We Do

With Bawbags, all of this is covered. We make sure that your underwear is fit for the big days, be it a marathon or a kettlebell comp.

You can train in supreme comfort with our Cool De Sacs line, made using Technical Wicking Active Technology (T.W.A.T), which is quick-drying and will keep your focus squarely on the task at hand! The cut is great too, making sure there’s no riding up mid-workout.

Battle-tested by our team of footballers, rugby players, and extreme sports athletes alike, Bawbags offers both men and women supreme comfort and support during workouts and competition.