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Mystery 5 Pack of Originals, Cool De Sacs and V.I.B. Boxer Shorts
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So, your favourite Bawbags briefs are being discontinued. Not to worry - with Baw Ends you might just find them at a fraction of their original price. Everything must come to an end but why not take advantage of that with deals on discontinued designs.

There are limited quantities and sizes available so if you find the one for you, pick it up and get yourself some collectible Bawbags.


Limited Designs, Get Them Before They Go!

We have single pairs, three packs, and five packs available in our Baw Ends sale, all with the great, vibrant designs you’ve come to expect from Bawbags.

We love all of our designs and with Baw Ends, we can offer you some classics-to-be. Big batches of collectable Bawbags for 20 quid or less, sounds like a steal, right? 


Keep Active; Keep Comfy

We have some 'Original' boxers and some from the 'Cool De Sacs' range in our underwear sale too, and just because you’re getting them cheap doesn’t mean we’ll be skipping on quality. It’s still Bawbags, still designed for maximum comfort and activity - proper premium stuff.

Trusted by the likes of world-class BMXers, snowboarders, skiers, boxers and professional rugby lads, you can rest assured that your Bawbags can handle the business. No chafing, no riding-up, no-nonsense pants.


Random Packs 

Feeling wild? Why not give our Baw Ends random packs a try? You can choose a pack of ten and then leave the rest to us.

We’ll get you a mix of originals with our signature loud design with some Cool De Sacs boxers in there too so that you can have the option between party pants and sporty ones (that are still colourful enough for a party).

We like to say that life’s too short for boring underwear, keep it exciting and make it even more exciting by buying a random batch and seeing what turns up.

So, What’s Stopping You?

We love making premium quality underwear and with Baw Ends, we are offering you the chance to get some top-class bottoms at less than a quarter of their original price.

Have a gander, see if there are any that are your size - and then go for it, spice up your pants drawer with some of our wild colour and design.

We’re still sending proceeds to leading testicular cancer charities - our mission to keep the nation’s baws tidy never ceases - so you’re chipping into something that’s really important too.

Go for it, you know you want to. 

Want to know more about the products in the Baw Ends range? Get in touch here and we’ll answer any of your queries.