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Ice Cream 3-Pack Socks - Bawbags
Ice Cream 3-Pack Socks
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Here at Bawbags, we love to be the go-to home of funky clothing. Rock those abstract colours and stylish accessories to add a bit of zest into everyday life. Why dress like everyone else? Spruce up your wardrobe now and grab yourself something a bit different.

And better yet, our Bawbags clothing will keep you warm and fashionable all year round with our collection of hats, scarves, and snoods designed to keep you nice and toasty during the dreich weather!

Our Funky Clothing Selection

We have such a varied selection of Bawbags clothing for you to choose from. We are bound to have something that’ll take your fancy, such as:

Our Premium Orange Beanie – a comfy, fleece-lined pom pom beanie that’ll keep those ears away from the nip of winter.

Our Ice Cream Socks (3-pack) – embrace the funk with these lively socks that’ll turn some heads. Ideal for those who love a colourful wardrobe!

Cool T-Shirts From Bawbags

But we don’t just stop at awesome hats and vibrant socks. Bawbags also offer a collection of t-shirts that are ideal for chilling out at home or enjoying the summer sunshine:

Snakeskin Tee (black) – for those with a wild streak, why not embrace the wild side with a snakeskin style tee?

Our Premium Bawbags Tee (black) – or why not go for something more traditional with a simple, minimalistic black and white design that’s eye-catchingly stylish?

Protective Snoods

And for the hill walkers, long-distance bikers, and more adventurous among us, Bawbags are proud to offer a choice of protective snoods. Keep those chins toasty and those lips chap-free with stylish snoods such as:

Saltire Multi Sleeve Snood – to show off your patriotism in a style that keeps those bitter winds at bay.

Bawler Multi Sleeve Snood (black) – a great choice for those who want to rock a dual colour snood that’ll go with just about any personal style. 

Snoods Sports

We, of course, have snoods sports collections for rugby and footie fans all across Scotland. Better yet, our sports-themed merchandise is official!

Scotland National Team Tartan Multi Sleeve Snoods – a breathable, wind-resistant snood that’ll keep you supporting from the stands in comfort, no matter the weather.

Scotland Rugby Tartan Multi Sleeve Snoods – and for all the rugby fans, support our men and women that battle it out on the rugby pitch with our tartan snood.

Supporting Great Causes

If getting awesome clothing from us wasn’t enough, you’ll also be helping to support worthy causes by buying our products. Every time you purchase bawbags, we donate a portion of our profits to a host of cancer charities.

So far, we have managed to raise roughly £80,000 for the charities we support, and we aim to raise a whole lot more.

Get In Touch With Our Team

At Bawbags, we are deeply motivated when it comes to our customer service. We want to make sure you get the right product for you, so we have guides such as our sizing guide or our buying guide.

But we are aware that you may have additional questions for us about our products, services, and policies. If that’s the case, you can reach out by clicking right here – we are more than happy to help!