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Ice Cream 3-Pack Socks - Bawbags
Ice Cream 3-Pack Socks
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When are Bawbags not protecting your bits? When we’re protecting your feet!

We are incredibly excited to have a brand-spanking-new range of funky socks on offer for the Bawbags family. Using the same high-quality materials you’ve come to expect from us, and a range of colours to help match any style, our socks are going to become a staple in your underwear drawer.

Pick a pair or pack today and see what having Bawbag socks on your feet is all about.

Getting to know your new funky shoes

A pair of socks is a pair of socks, so what makes Bawbags funky socks so special? We take a lot of time into developing products so they can do two things: look good and feel good. One look at these and you’ll agree we have knocked it out of the park.

These socks have a few more tricks up their sleeves as well. We wanted to design socks which are anti-bacterial and odour free; something many brands tend to skimp over, but not us. We want you to buy socks that last, and after trying these on a few times, we hope you’ll see just how good they can be.

Socks for Everyone

Remember getting a pack of socks at Christmas and finding out they don’t fit properly at all? We do! That’s why we have two sizes to choose from. Our small socks are best suited to anyone wearing size 5-8.5 shoes, while our large socks comfortable fit anyone wearing size 9-13.

We’re growing this range all the time to give you more funky sock designs. For those wondering, our ice cream socks are incredibly popular just now. Just know that they don’t actually taste or feel like ice cream. We’d hate to give you chilly vanilla feet!

Make sure you match!

Don’t even think of going out of the front door in your fancy new Bawbags socks without having your Bawbag covered too. Get kitted from top to toe with our full range of underwear and accessories. Before heading to checkout, have a quick look at our mens boxers, womens boxer shorts, base layers (great for anyone training outside) and beanies.


Socks that do some good

With every purchase made at Bawbags, you are helping support cancer charities. We believe strongly in spreading awareness for cancer and hope you feel the same way too. And if you’re not sure what to be looking for, our self-check guide has everything you need to know.


Get your Bawbags socks today!

No one likes waiting around on new socks or undies to come in the post. Bawbags aims to delivery single pairs and multi-packs as quickly as possible, with different delivery options available at checkout. If you have a few items you’re hovering over, make sure you order them together, as orders of £70 or more will be sent with DHL Express for FREE!

Have any questions about our products? Get in touch, and we’ll help get things sorted.