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There's more groovy tartan here than at a Bay City Rollers tribute concert in Haddington. We have all the renowned underwear and base layers you love, but stylised with Bawbags' signature Techno Tartan.

The Techno Tartan pattern injects a bit of patriotism into your undergarments with our stylish signature tartan loved by everyone.

Take a look now and see what Techno Tartan pieces take your fancy. 

Our Techno Tartan Products

You'll find this tartan is complemented by quality-of-build in all the items on which it is adorned.

For example, the Cool De Sacs Techno Tartan Technical Boxer Shorts deliver ultimate comfort and support, no matter where you are; be it halfway up a mountain or crushing your PBs in the local gym.

Speaking of support, the Techno Tartan Bralette has the Technical Wicking Active Technology (T.W.A.T for short) in common with the boxers. Feedback on the Bralette also says it's highly prized for comfort in sweaty situations such as hot days and karate.

You’ll be pleased to know that T.W.A.T is a common feature in all of our Techno Tartan range. Keep cool and focused without underwear that causes irritation or rides up where it shouldn’t.

Our Techno Tartan Based Layers

Working out when facing down the elements is never a pleasant experience without base layers, which is why we have developed our own range.

The Techno Tartan Base Layer Top and Base Layer Bottom are ideal for all kinds of outdoors exercises like cycling, skiing, skateboarding, and more.

But they are also great at keeping you warm when strolling through Scotland’s cities or forests during the wetter or colder months. Keep warm in style!

Get The Right Pair For You

Not quite sure what’ll fit you? Well, thankfully, we’ve put together two useful guides to help you get exactly what you need:

If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

A Pattern Of Giving

No matter which Techno Tartan product you buy, we guarantee to give some of the proceeds to charity. We've been supporting all manners of charities for years.

Indeed many of our customers have had the graciousness to help us raise money through sponsored events. Either way, customer, charity raiser, or both, without you, we're nothing. So if you can't do a sponsored walk, why not invest in a Techno Tartan product for yourself or a friend?

We’ve donated an astounding £82,000 for charity so far and don’t plan on stopping now.

Contact Bawbag Headquarters

Got some questions for us regarding our Techno Tartan collection? Or maybe you’d like to know more about the charities we support and how you can help?

Just drop us a line, we are more than happy to assist you with any queries you may have. Our customer service team is waiting and ready to chat!