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Bubbles Cotton Boxer Shorts
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At Bawbags, we are underwear specialists that create strikingly funky and comfy underwear to help you tackle your day-to-day. Our Bubbles underwear collection is exactly what it sounds like; a bubble-inspired design that looks as good as it feels.

Underwear from Bawbags is a brilliant addition to anyone's wardrobe. It’ll help you express your personal style and make your wardrobe a little bit different from everyone else's – even if you're the only one that knows it!

Better yet, all of our underwear comes packed in plastic-free packaging to stay friendly to ecosystems at every stage of our production process.

Crack open the bubbles. Cheers!

Our Men's Bubbles Underwear

Our Bubbles underwear comes in a vibrant and distinct orange colour that highlights each bubble, so crack open a pack and get the bubbly!

All of our original men's boxer shorts are made from Bawganic cotton, which is all organically sourced. This helps our underwear feel much better and much more comfortable to wear throughout the day whilst helping the environment. A win-win whilst keeping those nuts neat!

We have sizes available from XS all the way up to XXXXL – providing a custom fit with front chopper access.

Our Bubbles Women's Underwear

At Bawbags, we also offer Bubbles women's underwear as well as our boxer shorts for men. These boy-cut style underwear come with the same unique orange hue and crisp white bubbles.

Just like our men's underwear, our women's underwear is also made from our Bawganic cotton – keeping them environmentally friendly and soft for the skin.

For our women's collection, we have sizes from 6 to 18.

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Support For Charities Since 2007!

Not only do we help support the nation's baws, but we also help support various charities that do invaluable work, and we've been doing so since 2007.

We have managed to help raise £80,000 for cancer charities, including the Teenage Cancer Trust. Our aim is to raise more through donating portions of our future profits!

So as you're buying your favourite bawbags underwear, you'll know that you'll also be supporting charity and doing something good for the world around you. You can’t go wrong!

Have A Chat With The Bawbags Team Now

If you have any questions relating to our products and services, we are more than happy to help. Perhaps you want to know more about a specific pair of underwear or want more information about our Beanies or Tees?

We also have a sizing guide and our buying guide available to view online. They will be useful in helping you to determine what size you should buy to get the ideal fit from our underwear.

We want to make sure that every customer is satisfied with the level of customer service that we provide and that they can make an educated decision about what product is right for them. So, don't hesitate to reach out.