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Who says boxers are just for guys? Here at Bawbags, we know many incredible women up and down the country are passionate about buying products which do a bit of good and feel incredible to boot.

With the range of women’s boxer shorts currently in stock at Bawbags, we can guarantee this is underwear which is definitely made for girls with balls! 

Shop the range and see if there’s a pair of Bawbags that takes your fancy today.

Types of Women’s Briefs on Offer

We have two types of women’s underwear for you to choose from: Bawbags Originals, and Bawbags Cool De Sacs.

The Originals range is how Bawbags started out. It is still our pride and joy which adheres to the mission of getting everyone kitted out in amazing underwear while doing some good for local charities. The underwear on this page is a spin on the initial design that adheres to our principle of feeling Bawganic, with every new pair made from either recycled polyester or super soft organic cotton. The boy-cut boxer shorts you see here have a custom fit, so they are comfortable from the get-go, regardless of what size you need. 

We also have our Cool De Sacs Boxers for Girls. Everyone knows that there are girls who can push it farther than most guys, and when you’re exercising or doing any challenging activities, the last thing you want is underwear causing you all sort of problems. Cool De Sacs have Technical Wicking Active Technology which keeps your bits dry while you’re working up a sweat. And what’s even cooler is the fact that Cool De Sacs are now made from recycled plastic bottles.

Boxers for Everyone

We want everyone to find the ideal pair of Bawbags for themselves. Most of the products in this section are available from size 6 to 18 (depending on availability).

And you’ll find a pair of Bawbags for everyone if you want to. Check out our full range of men’s boxer shorts and  kid’s boxer shorts, which make for ideal gifts.

Make sure you match!

If there’s a pair you have your eye on, make sure you get the same design for your other half, as nothing says “I love you” more than some matching Bawbags! Some of the most popular matching designs include the Bubbles design (mens here/ womens here) & the Cool De Sacs Leopard Technical Underwear (mens here/ womens here) because who doesn’t look good in some leopard print undies?

Underwear that helps

Remember that with every single pair of Bawbags Underwear for Girls sold, a portion of proceeds goes towards supporting cancer charities. It’s not every day you can whip on a pair of underwear, and know you’re helping folk out.

Find your Bawbags today!

Bawbags guarantees you’ll have the comfiest time of your life getting to know your new favourite pair of women’s boxer shorts. If you need help figuring out what an ideal fit for you will be, use our size guide or if you need any more help, please get in touch. We’ll answer any questions you have about our products.


FAQs Womens Boxer Shorts

What makes Bawbags Women's Boxer Shorts different from regular women's underwear?

Unlike traditional styles that may feel restrictive or lacking in coverage, Bawbags Women's Boxer Shorts offer a more relaxed and comfortable fit. 

They are crafted with precision using premium-quality materials, ensuring a soft and luxurious feel against the skin. The boxer short style provides more coverage on the hips and thighs, granting a sense of freedom and ease of movement. 

Whether you're lounging at home or going about your daily activities, Bawbags Women's Boxer Shorts offer a stylish and practical alternative to conventional women's underwear.

Can I wear Bawbags Women's Boxer Shorts for sports or physical activities?

Absolutely! Bawbags Women's Boxer Shorts are not just super fashionable; they are also functional for an active lifestyle. Whether you're hitting the gym, going for a run, or engaging in any physical activities, our boxer shorts have got you covered. 

The fabric used in our Women's Boxer Shorts is equipped with moisture-wicking properties that efficiently draw sweat away from your skin, helping you stay dry and comfortable during intense workouts. The breathable materials and ergonomic design provide optimal support and freedom of movement, making them a reliable choice for sports, workouts, or any active pursuits.

If you want an even more breathable material, you may want to check out our Cool De Sacs range featuring our T.W.A.T (Technical Wicking Active Technology).

How do I care for and wash Bawbags Women's Boxer Shorts?

Our boxer shorts are designed to withstand regular wear and washing without compromising their quality or colour. 

Always follow the care instructions provided on the underwear label to ensure the longevity of your Bawbags Women's Boxer Shorts. With proper care, they will continue to offer superior comfort and style for countless wears to come.