What’s the best underwear material?

Written by Willie MacDonald


Posted on November 01 2021

A divisive topic that is ferociously battled out among families, probably.

But in all seriousness, what is the best underwear material? The disappointing truth is that there’s no single answer, there are many.

Obviously, there’s that pesky personal preference that needs to be considered, but there are also different materials that are better suited to different uses.

The best way to go about this is by working out what underwear works best for a specific use.

Best Underwear Material for Relaxing

Winner: Cotton

Yes, you can’t go wrong with the originals. Some cotton boxers are ideal when you’re planning to just kick about the house or maybe venturing out to a shop.

They are comfy, cosy, and most importantly, they offer that snug fit that doesn’t require constant rearrangement.

They are perfect for chilling as they offer that nice snugness in any and all conditions, and with Bawbags, you get the added benefit of Bawganic materials - that’s organic cotton, which means it is grown with traditional methods, without pesticides and also uses significantly less water

Best Underwear for Exercising

Winner: polyester

You can't go wrong with some stretchy polyester, it helps you get that extra depth in each squat and extra stretch in each stride!

Our polyester underwear is not only super comfy and ready for the most rugged and active of lifestyles, it's also made from completely recycled plastic materials.

Better yet, we use Technical Wicking Active Technology (T.W.A.T) in our Cool De Sacs range. T.W.A.T keeps your exercise boxers quick-drying and stops them from riding up at the most unpleasant and inconvenient times.

Best Underwear for Work

Winner: Modal

You don’t want to feel all sweaty and uncomfortable and with our cotton boxers you won’t - but maybe you want to take it to that next level.

Maybe you just got that promotion and feel like you deserve some added luxury in your life - that’s where our Very Important Baws come in

They are super comfy and offer that little extra luxury to those who want to suit up in the best of the best.

Made of super luxurious modal, they offer that Bawbags comfort with more discreet branding; turning your three-piece suit into a four!

Best Underwear for Partying

Winner: Bawbags!

No matter the material, our pants are optimal for a good old fashioned night out!

They don’t ride up so you can dance all through the night. And with their sweat-resistant design, you’ll be avoiding any unpleasant stickiness that is commonplace due to the humidity.

Remember, It’s Up To You

If you like wearing our Cool De Sacs technical boxers with your work suit or uniform, or prefer a set of cotton boxers for your workout - that’s up to you!

Try different materials and see what you like. Comfy boxers can really make a difference throughout your day so try and test all of the options available to you!

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