Prostate cancer: be informed!

Written by Grant Ruxton


Posted on February 15 2022

We’re all about fun and games here at Bawbags, but we gotta ask: did you know about 50,000 men a year are diagnosed with prostate cancer? That’s about 130 guys a day! We’re doing our best to keep your bits and bobs happy, but this month it’s over to you. It’s Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, and we’re asking you to watch out for symptoms and spread the word about it.

You see, if it’s caught early, there’s a far greater chance of a positive outcome. Back in November, we spoke on how to check yer baws for testicular cancer. If you haven’t done that by now, get on it! Now it’s time to get informed on prostate cancer cause if you catch it early, it’ll all likely turn out good.

How do I know if I might have it, though?

With prostate cancer, there isn’t really a physical check you can do. It’s a gland that’s pretty well hidden. That makes it difficult to know when this cancer is present in the very beginning but we can look out for symptoms that will indicate there might be something wrong.

Here’s a wee summary of what you should be looking out for. If you’re needing to pee very often, particularly during the night, or have difficulty in peeing - it’s time to see a doctor. Blood in the urine or semen? Yeah, we know, not exactly light-reading this, is it? But anything wrong with urinating, get yourself checked!

Maybe share this page on social media to increase awareness amongst friends and family. You might just be the person who prompts someone to finally take action, which makes you a Bawbag Hero in our eyes!

Get involved!

There are many challenges and activities you can take part in to help raise awareness and money in the fight against prostate cancer. 

Do a park run dressed as Barney the Purple Dinosaur, complete a 3,000 piece jigsaw puzzle of Noel Edmonds’ face, donate a pound every time you see an empty bottle of Buckfast (please round up to the nearest thousand). Here’s a list of actual fun and challenging events that kind people have arranged. Be creative, just like we are with your boxers.

None of our charitable donations would be possible without our loyal customers, so a big thanks to everyone out there. We’re committed to giving back to charities across the UK and proud to say we’re supporting prostate cancer awareness through donations from every product you buy. But don’t just buy underwear, be aware!