Top 4 Funny Underwear Ideas for Boyfriends (2022)

Written by Willie MacDonald


Posted on December 05 2022

Does your boyfriend need new underwear? Wanting to give him something unique for a few chuckles? At Bawbags, we have a vast and varied selection of underwear with unique designs that are sure to get a laugh or two from your significant other.

Today we’ll cover our top four funny underwear ideas for boyfriends so take notes.

Don’t buy him any old underwear – keep it interesting, distinct, and personalised for him. Keep his baws in check!


Base Layers with Character

Underwear Isn’t just boxers and briefs. With rising energy prices, help keep costs low by kitting your man out in base layers that will keep him toasty warm but also cool if he starts getting energetic (you’ve got our special T.W.A.T fabric to thank for that). While most base layers come in pretty boring solid colours, shop our collection for base layers that are anything but dull.

The Ultimate Psych-Out

If you have a cheeky side, give him a bit of a bait and switch. If he’s got something like the latest games console on his list to Santa, stuff the box for it with boxers (learn how to fold them like a pro here) and wrap it up. Watch his face light up with glee and then be utterly perplexed when he pulls out some stylish undies instead. 

If you are going to do this, we’d recommend pulling out the real deal fairly quickly!  

Banish the Sweat and Bring in the Fresh

Boxers from the Cool De Sac range are the gifts that keep on giving. They are ideal for active boyfriends thanks to their quick-drying fabric and built-in baw pouch that keep things in place. Let him smash those PBs (or take on an epic binge-watching marathon) while feeling fresh as a daisy. They look pretty nifty too.

Aubergine Cool De Sacs

Yes, you heard that right! The world-famous phallic emoji has made it onto a pair of Bawbags’ technical boxer shorts – something that’ll be bound to generate some giggles. Shop the fantastic Aubergine-inspired boxers now.

Coco Nuts Cool De Sacs

With a cool aqua backdrop contrasting the sharp browns and whites of the coconuts, they are striking, distinct, and hilarious. Much like the Aubergine boxer shorts, these, too, are designed for active boyfriends. Shop for a pair of these Coco Nut boxers today.

Feeling Good and Doing Good

Our last gift idea has absolutely nothing to do with underwear (see how we did our own bait and switch there?). If you know Bawbags, you know that we donate part of our profits to good causes. We believe in these causes and hope you do too. 

One of them is Medical Detection Dogs. This clever lot train dogs to sniff out cancer cells. If you are searching for a gift for a man who has everything, sponsor an adorable pupper on their route to becoming a medical detection dog.  

Want More Ideas?

We hope you have found a funny underwear idea that’s right for your boyfriend. If none of these ideas or designs takes your fancy for your other half, take a look at our full range and find something that does, and if you are not sure what size to buy? Check our sizing and buying guides for help.