Best Underwear For Hot Weather

Written by Willie MacDonald


Posted on May 26 2022

It’s getting hotter out there, it’s hardly the Costa-Del-Scotland just yet, but we are getting there. The UK has had a few scorchers lately, and that, unfortunately, means that many have been subjected to the dreaded sweaty baws.

A lovely sunny day out can be completely spoiled by underwear that gets damp as soon as the temperature reaches double digits.

It’s a bane for both the lads and the lassies, with dampness, brutal wedgies, and an unwanted distraction from what would otherwise be one of the few nice days that this wee island gets a year.

What To Avoid

So, what causes this? Well, it always comes back to shoddy underwear, made from cheap materials that offer limited breathability and with little to no thought put into the cut and shape.

That 3-pack of boxers that your granny gets you every Christmas? It’s not cut out for the summer, you need breathability and flexibility.

The cheaper cotton boxers soak up sweat much faster, making your boxers even less breathable which makes things even hotter down there. An absolute day ruiner.

You deserve better.

Moisture-wicking fabric

All of the boxers in our Cool De Sacs range use Technical Wicking Active Technology (T.W.A.T.), this is designed to keep things breezy and breathable down there and is perfect for a hot summer’s day.

Using a bamboo baw pouch, you can keep your jewels dry, tidy, and ready for the very exciting handful of days that we call Summer in the UK.

The rest of the boxers are made from recycled plastic, which keeps you cosy when it’s cold and keeps you cool when it’s boiling.

It’s tested by athletes who most definitely sweat when they’re barreling down the sides of mountains at frightening speeds.

That Perfect Fit

They have also been designed with a snug cut that doesn’t ride up, so you won't have to worry about re-adjusting that unexpected wedgie that appeared just because you walked up a flight of stairs.

Our boxers give you the snug flexibility that will help you enjoy those summer days out, whether you’re having a picnic at the park, or you’re on an all-day cycling excursion.

For those who want to use the good weather to get out there and be active, our undies are a must-have.

Have A Look At Our Range

It matters how they look too! Sure, maybe no one will see them, but are you really matching if you don't have some funky base layers? And as daft as it may sound, if you feel good in your undies, it’ll show! Sure no one will see, but what they will see is that confidence!

Have a look at some of the belters that we currently have on offer:

Cool De Sacs Terrazzo - For a funky cool patterned look that keeps you cool down there no matter how hot it gets.

Cool De Sacs Retro Stripe - Like some old school retro goodness? These belters would fit right into the 80s and are more than ready for the upcoming summer.

Keep Em Cool This Summer

Keep ‘em cool with our boxers when it gets hot out there. Planning on going a wee jaunt in them? Click here to see our blog where each of our ranges was tested in the hills of Ayrshire.