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  • how to fold men's underwear for drawers

    How To Fold Men's Underwear For Drawers in 4 Steps

    We know it can be tempting to throw your underwear in a pile or stuff it in a drawer (we all have our moments!) but to get the best, longest life from your men's underwear, it's best to learn how to fold them properly.

  • What Men’s Underwear Is Most Comfortable

    What Men’s Underwear Is Most Comfortable

    If you've been scrolling through our site for a new pair of pants, you might wonder what men's underwear is most comfortable to help you decide.

  • how to wash men's underwear

    How to Wash Men's Underwear Like a Pro

    This blog will discuss how to wash men's underwear to get the longest life from your pants, keeping them feeling soft, comfy and ready to wear.

  • history of men's underwear

    Men’s Underwear Through The Ages

    In the beginning, there was man, then man needed something to keep ‘em tidy, and underwear was invented. Join us in this journey exploring men’s underwear through the ages!

  • Women's Underwear Through The Ages

    Women's Underwear Through The Ages

    Explore women's underwear through the ages. We’ll teach you everything from loincloths to pantaloons, strophiums to push-up bras. Learn today with Bawbags.

  • how to measure men's underwear

    How to Measure Men's Underwear Size

    Not sure what size underwear you need? Find out how to measure men’s underwear. We’ll help you find undies that fit in all the right places!

  • How To Measure Women's Underwear Size

    How To Measure Women's Underwear Size

    We've collected a list of some of our best tips and tricks for using our sizing guide to find your true underwear size and embrace comfort in all of its glory!

  • underwear for gym workout

    What Underwear to Wear to the Gym

    If you love nothing more than getting a good sweat on at the gym, you'll know how important it is to have gym gear that's comfortable and breathable.

  • history of underwear

    When Was Underwear Invented?

    You might be wondering where underwear came from – was there a time before it? Will there be a time after it? (we hope not!). In this article, we'll take you on a brief journey through underwear's wild, wonderful history.

  • The Best Men's Underwear For Sensitive Skin

    The Best Men's Underwear For Sensitive Skin

    Here at Bawbags, we've developed a range of high-quality, skin-safe underwear that will have you looking as good as you feel. Get ready to feel new levels of comfort in our specially designed pants.

  • how to fold boxer shorts

    How to Fold Boxer Shorts

    When organising your wardrobe and clothing, it’s just as important to know the best ways to fold your boxer shorts as it is to know how to fold your trousers or shirts.

  • Fathers Day Gift Guide

    Father’s Day Gift Guide

    Wondering what to get your Dad for father’s day? Why not get a Bawbags original? Or maybe a football or rugby snood? Browse our range of underwear and clothing now.

  • underwear for hot weather

    Best Underwear For Hot Weather

    It’s getting hotter out there, it’s hardly the Costa-Del-Scotland just yet, but we are getting there. Find out what's the best underwear for warmer weather!

  • james woods woodsy

    Athlete Highlight: James ‘Woodsy’ Woods

    This week we'd like to profile a long-time supporter, the legendary freestyle skier James Woods known as ‘Woodsy’.